Phone: 720-886-7700
Fax: 720-886-7799 (Registrar)/720-886-7788 (Main)
Attendance: 720-886-7717

6100 S. Genoa St.
Aurora, CO 80016
67711  Lisa Ruiz, Principal
67712 Mike Hanson, Assistant Principal
67710  Lissa Staal, Assistant Principal
67714  Theresa Doyle, Office Manager
67745  Gloria George, Admin Secretary
67716  Denise Premak, Bookkeeper
67717  Pat Felker, Attendance
67725  Brett Castillo, COSA
67743  Amy Kozlowski, Dean
67740  Kathy Rakoczy, Secretary
67722  Corbin Woodward, Counselor
67723  Stephany Garbett, Counselor
67720  Nancy Fisher, Secretary
67724  Mary Rice, Ed.S., Psychologist
67741  Harun Hazim, MSW
67813  Tami Gastineau E129
67766  Glenda Kauffman, R.N.
67767  Sharon Holland, Health Tech.
67732 Julie Cummings, Coordinator

67731 Lisa Ehrle Teacher/Librarian
67726 Susan Collins, Manager


67701 Tyrel Foster, Lead Security

67719 Security Desk

67806 Deputy



67660 Martens, Jennifer, ILC Para
67660 Aguliar, Marie, ILC Para
67660 Vigil, Tara, ILC Para
Occupational Therapist
67833 Hupka, Christine, PT
67833 Thompson, Chris, OT

720-886-7788 Main Office
720-886-7799 Counseling Office
720-886-7768 Clinic
720-886-7798 Copy


Language Arts-Reading

67642 Hernandez, Erin, Reading, E202
67677 Brodie, Rhett, Reading, W218
67635 Dayton, Rebecca, Reading, E115
67652 Nagle, Adam, Reading, E216
67675 Matson, Pauline, Reading, W214
67629 Winslow, Kim, Reading, E103
67651 Zitek, Megan, Reading, E215

Language Arts-Writing

67627 Bell, Antoinette, Writing, E101

67647 Black, Sena, Writing, E209

67643 Daub, Andy, Writing, E203
67676 Schmidt, Paige, Writing, W215
67638 Taylor, Stacey, Writing, E121
67633 Woods, Laura, Writing, E113


67650 Fleckenstein, Estelle, Math, E214

67649 Mankin, Mark, Math, E211

67678 Oscai, Sara, Math, W219

67637 Reid, John, Math, E120

67634 Ritter, Rachel, Math, E114

67671 Taylor, Stephanie, Math, W205

67662 Kissner, Catherine, Math, W113



67673 Dickerson, Pat, Science, W212

67630 Muñoz, Edi, Sci, E104

67653 Myer, Leslie, Sci, E217

67639 Parker, Amaria, Sci, E122
67644 Stamm, Sara, Sci, E204
67632 Vigil, Nicole, Sci., E112
67670 Wiley, Shannon, Sci., W204

Social Studies

67679 Arbuthnot, Peggy, SS, W220
67674 Ganguli, Greg, SS, W213
67636 Rosh, Tom, SS, E119
67654 Schmitz, Jim, SS, E230
67628 Summers, Carol, SS, E102
67648 Summers, Catherine, SS, E210

Special Education

67787 Adamiak, Erica, SAS, W118
67660 Gardner, Michelle, ILC, W112
67839 Jurcisin, Kelly, SAS, Office W211
67750 Lehl, Donna, Sp/Lang, E131
67822 Maesch, Sarah, SAS, E220
67665 Roybal, Rosalind, SAS, E132


67620 Andersen, Megan, ELA, W230

67752 Bahr, Jason, Tech, C201

67703 Cleaver, John, PE, A221

67706 Croft, Nancy, PE, A220

67656 Ehrle, Royce, Inst. Music, A282

67658 Flicker, Frances, Art, A289

67669 Fregoso, Luz, For. Lang., W203

67753 May, Lori, Vocal Music, A278
67657 Styron, Shannon, Drama, A288
67659 Wahlborg, Kirk, A. Tech., W103
67641 Onodera, Rick, AVID, E201




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